Linguistics download - pdf, epub, mobi links

Download 1800 TOEFL Essential Vocabulary
Download Translation-Driven Corpora: Corpus Resources for Descriptive and Applied Translation Studies
Download Recent Advances in Parsing Technology
Download Making Sense of Japanese Grammar: A Clear Guide Through Common Problems
Download Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative Perspectivization
Download English in America: A Linguistic History [reduced]
Download Sourcebook in the History of Philosophy of Language: Primary source texts from the Pre-Socratics to Mill
Download The Syntax of Possession in Japanese
Download Francis Byrne, John Holm, Atlantic Meets Pacific: A global view of pidginization and creolization
Download Louder Than Words: The New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning [Audiobook]
Download TTC Video – The Science of Information: From Language to Black Holes [Reduced]
Download Parts of Speech in Mandarin: The State of the Art
Download The Routledge Linguistics Encyclopedia by Kirsten Malmkjaer
Download Language Contact and the Origins of the Germanic Languages
Download The Cambridge Handbook of Formal Semantics
Download Corpus linguistics on the move: Exploring and understanding English through corpora
Download Practical Phonetics and Phonology: A Resource Book for Students, 3 edition
Download Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction, 8th Edition
Download Music, Language, and the Brain
Download Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic, 2nd Edition
Download Mine Guven, Didar Akar – Exploring the Turkish Linguistic Landscape: Essays in honor of Eser Erguvanl-Taylan
Download Contextualizing Human Memory: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding how individuals and groups remember the past
Download Sign Language in Action
Download Reflections on Lexicography: Explorations in Ancient Syriac, Hebrew, and Greek Sources (Perspectives on Linguistics)
Download Understanding Digital Literacies: A Practical Introduction
Download Approaches to Grammaticalization: Volume II
Download Introducing English Linguistics
Download Rightward Movement in a Comparative Perspective
Download Natural Language Understanding
Download Introducing Phonology
Download The Routledge Handbook of Forensic Linguistics
Download Glossika Mongolian Fluency Course 1,2,3
Download Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication
Download The Structure of Discourse-Pragmatic Variation
Download What Is Good Writing?
Download Handbook of Chinese Linguistic
Download Basil Bernstein: The thinker and the field
Download New Horizons in Bon Studies (Bon Studies-2) by Samten G. Karmay
Download Personality in Speech: Assessment and Automatic Classification
Download Chemehuevi: A Grammar and Lexicon by Margaret L. Press