The Good Cook`s Book of Oil and Vinegar

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The Good Cook`s Book of Oil and Vinegar: One of the World`s Most Delicious Pairings, with more than 150 recipes by Michele Anna Jordan

English | 2015 | ISBN: 1632205874 | 448 pages | EPUB | 24 MB

“Michele Jordan knows her food and she knows how to write about it." —San Francisco Examiner
What is extra virgin olive oil and how do you find the best kind? How do you cook with flavored vinegars and should they be bought or made at home? What are the best oils for frying? How does the strength of a vinegar influence a recipe?
The Good Cook`s of Oil and Vinegar answers these and many other questions about this important culinary duo. The most comprehensive oil and vinegar guide available today, it offers key scientific, nutritional, and culinary facts as well as interesting history behind oil and vinegar. In addition, award-winning author Michele Anna Jordan shows how a distinctive oil or vinegar can add spark to a meal. She showcases a whole realm of delicious cooking with recipes such as:
Fall fruit gazpacho
Scallops primavera
Roasted peppers balsamico
Sicilian orange salad
Apricot, persimmon, and cranberry chutneys
Fruit, garlic, herb, ginger, and rose petal flavored vinegars
And mor


Download The Good Cook`s Book of Oil and Vinegar

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