How to Start Your Own Religion

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English | 2012 | ISBN: 1440538581 | 224 pages | EPUB | 2 MB

Yes, world domination and eternal adoration can be yours!

"The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion."

—Attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology

Wouldn`t you like to control countless worshippers with a single word? To call forth bountiful offerings of gold and silver? Wouldn`t you love to make your acolytes bow in awe of your greatness?

Starting a new religion can be fun and profitable. You`ll laugh along with Philip Athans (founder, leader, and sole member of the Church of Phil), as he shows you how to:

• Gather the flock and keep `em coming back for more

• Organize mysterious and complex rituals

• Interrogate (or just ridicule) the hell out of nonbelievers

• Recruit celebrity spokespeople, from Tom Cruise to Uma Thurman

If you`ve ever felt the need to sacrifice on an altar beneath a blood-red moon, or just make Friday a holy day (three-day weekend, anyone?), this is the only sacred creed you need.

Live long and prosper.

Download How to Start Your Own Religion

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